Mattresses on beds are a source of comfort, relaxation and luxury feel. As we lay down on bed, mattresses give us a warm touch that we can be relax and enjoy a good sleep to get rid of all day fatigue.  As mattresses are regularly used and it is an entity that is not washable, if it gets wet, it is difficult to dry it. Also that we need to protect them from dirt and spots. Because if it gets dirty, we have to dry clean it and that is a little expensive. To avoid the hassle we protect them with mattress protectors. How ever we cover the mattresses with bed sheets but they are not enough to protect the mattresses. So, home textile has introduced mattress protectors.


           Mattress protectors do only protect the mattresses from dirt or spots, but also from being damaged. It saves the mattress from getting torn. We also need to protect the mattresses getting wet in routine. For this purpose we use terry waterproof mattress protector.  They are helpful in maintaining the comfort from mattresses and they also help in increasing the life of mattress.